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2.5 Verbs: Time (Tense)

Application 11

Change the time of each sentence below by changing the verbs to express the time shown in parentheses. In the space provided, write only the new verb. If there is more than one verb to change, write them both, separated by a space and a comma.

Example: In a town nearby, ordinary people learn to walk on beds of hot coals. (past)

1. A teacher trains them in the techniques of special meditation. (past)

2. While the students are practicing their techniques, the teacher monitors their breath rates. (past)

3. After four training sessions, the students gather around a shallow mound of glowing charcoal. (future)

4. The members of the class, one by one, walk unhurt over the coals. (future)

5. Each class will attract several doubters who will amaze themselves, succeeding as fully as the true believers. (present)


TIP for finding verbs: To find the verb in a sentence, change the sentence's time. Look carefull at the words which change form. Many of them will be verbs.

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