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2.8 Verbs: Non-Verbs

Application 21

After each sentence, identify the verb or verb-string. Avoid the non-verb forms. The first one is done for you. After you have identified the verb, click the answer button to compare your answer to the correct response.
Example: In the sentence "Baking bread has kept Tillie in touch with her old customs," we would identify the verb string has kept (but not "baking") as a verb.

1. She loves to get up early on Saturday mornings.
2. Kneading the dough, she thinks about her past.
3. We awake to the smell of the rising loaves and the fresh-ground coffee.
4. I don't want her to move into a house of her own.
5. The sleepy crowd stayed until the end of the exciting movie.
6. The escape scene succeeded in waking them up.
7. Startling the guards, the birds rushed out of the hedge.
8. The spy took that opportunity to dodge the roadblock.
9. Hidden on the other side of the field, he listened to the guards' angry shouts.

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