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2.9 Verbs: Combining Sentences

Application 22

Combine each set of sentences by compounding the verbs using the conjunction in parentheses. The first one is done for you.

1. We watch for a clue. We wait for a clue. (and)
We wait and watch for a clue.

2. Mosquitoes can buzz through the screen. But mosquitoes can't bite through the screen. (but not)

3. She tries to help. She fails to help. (yet)

4. Your dog eats my garbage. If not, he scatters it all over the yard.
(either. . . or)

5. Tara bought herself a digital watch. She also learned how to play the video game on it. (not only. . . but also)

6. The movie surprised the children. It delighted the children. It instructed the children. It amused the children. (, , , and)


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