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2.3 Verbs: Single Word Verbs And Verb Strings

Application 3

Look at the verbs highlighted in each segment of the paragraph below. In the verb strings, click on each auxiliary. Some verb strings may contain more than one auxiliary. Do not click on single-word verbs or main verbs. Use the Answer button to check your choices.

Sometimes on a very clear day, you can see things beyond the horizon.
Last week, for instance, just after the noon sun had peaked, a strange island appeared suddenly.
It was ghostly, with sharp cliffs, and we were pointing to it in amazement
when Mr. Gummidge explained that we were seeing the shadow of a real island thirty miles away, beyond the bend of the horizon.
He said that sometimes the sun 's rays will cast a reflection into the air,
and this shadow island may float several hundred feet above the real one,
just high enough it can be seen above the curve of the earth.
If you look carefully, you might see that mirage today.
You have a good chance if this weather doesn't become like yesterday's.
In fact, I was watching for the mirage yesterday, but the horizon did nothing unusual.
I must have been straining my eyes
because by suppertime you could have put a banana split in front of me
and I would have called it a mirage.

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