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2.3 Verbs: Single Word Verbs And Verb Strings

Application 4

In each sentence, click on the verb. In the case of a verb string, click on each word in the string in order. Your choices will appear in the space below the sentence. Then click on the answer button to see if your choice of verb is correct.

For example, in the sentence "My father will have been mayor for ten years next month."
you would click on the verb string will have been

1. The traffic at the supermarket intersection is out of control.
2. We should call the traffic commission.
3. Someone is building a new set of condominiums on the corner.
4. They will be completed by next winter.
5. Then the congestion will become even crazier.
6. The cafeteria has opened a special counter for ethnic foods.
7. Last fall some of the students requested more variety in the menus.
8. They were asking for just a few new items.
9. Ironically, a lot of those students have graduated by now.

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