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11.5 Final -s: Using Final -s on Plural Nouns

Application 3

In the space provided after each modified sentence below, change the bolded singular nouns to plural nouns. When you click on the "sentence beginning" button, the first few words of a suggested revision will be offered. Complete the sentence using the revised language.

Example: Please bring your journal to the meeting this afternoon. Please bring your . . . .
Please bring your journals to the meeting this afternoon.

1. Chris wanted to develop a skill after he graduated from high school.

2. He applied to a computer school.


3. Belinda was an old friend who studied programming.


4. They convinced him he'd find a job when he finished.


5. So he went to an interview and talked to the person in the admissions office.


6. One woman told him what the first class would probably be like.


7. Suddenly he realized that he'd go crazy sitting in a chair all day long watching shadows move around on some screen.


8. Then he met an electronic technician who told him about the pleasure of working on the insides of a big computer.


9. Chris changed his plan immediately.


10. He has been taking an electronics course for a year now, and he has already signed one repair contract.


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