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chapter 11 Final -s

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Pretest
  2. Your Writing: Describing How a Mood Influences Behavior
  3. Recognizing Final -s
  4. Using Final -s on Plural Nouns
  5. Using Final -s for Present Tense Verbs
  6. Review & Practice Part 1 and Part 2
  7. Fun with Grammar
  8. Return to Your Writing
  9. Mastery Test on Final -s

Final -s causes confusion because it has different meanings in standard English. The -s on the end of a verb usually marks a singular form, whereas -s on the end of a noun usually marks a plural form. To complicate matters further, the spelling of some words (such as loss and gas) includes an -s ending that carries no grammatical information at all. Understanding the uses of final -s will help you to apply the grammatical markers clearly in your writing.

Chapter 11 helps you to distinguish among three -s endings and to use them correctly:

  • natural -s (built into the spelling of some words)
  • plural -s on nouns
  • third person singular present tense -s on verbs.

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