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15.6 Consistency: Review & Practice Part 1

Review & Practice Part 1

This two-part exercise is an opportunity for you to test your understanding of what you have just learned in Chapter 15.

Parallel elements clarify the relationships between ideas.

The following paragraphs are taken from a speech given by President Eisenhower in 1953. Click here to get a stand-alone copy of this passage which you can easily print. Read Eisenhower's words aloud, noting his use of parallelism to highlight the organization of ideas. Put parallel elements in brackets and rewrite conjunctions in ALL CAPS. Click on the computer's answer to compare your answers.



President Eisenhower went on with more parallelism in his next paragraph, sometimes putting sets of parallel elements inside larger parallel elements. Read the second paragraph aloud noticing how the parallelism builds up in his second sentence. Mark the parallel elements with brackets and rewrite the conjunctions in ALL CAPS before comparing your version with the computer's.



A piece of writing needs a time framework expressed through the verb tenses.

The descriptive paragraph below starts out in the simple present tense but then wanders back and forth between present and past tenses. Correct the verbs for consistency within a present time framework. Click on the incorrect verbs and rewrite them in ALL CAPS. Check your work before comparing your answers to the computer's.



A piece of writing needs a dominant point of view expressed through the pronouns.

The following paragraph contains shifts among first-, second-, and third-person point of view. Make the point of view consistent by using second-person pronouns to refer to the viewers of the film. Double-click in the incorrect pronouns and rewrite them in ALL CAPS. Check the paragraph carefully before comparing your work to the computer's answer.



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