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15.2 Consistency: Your Writing

Think of an event or discussion that made you change your mind about something. What was your old opinion? What is your new opinion? What were the factors that caused you to change your mind? Picture that turning point as clearly as you can. Who was involved? What happened? How did you feel? Collect notes in a chart answering these questions. For example:

Before Turning point After
pets a nuisancefather died, mom alonepets worth the bother
dirty, noisydepressed, house darkstill don't want one myself
food and vet cost moneyfriend left cat with her for a monthhappy to keep mom's dog when she's away
need walks, kennelsmom started inviting us oversome people need pets
 she cooked more, slept betterbetter than medicine, side effects not bad
 hated to give cat backvaluable members of families
 got a puppy 
 took walks every day 
 lost weight 
 amazed us with her old laugh 
 I started to like him , big eyes, silly tail 

  1. Arrange your ideas in a paragraph that describes how you changed your mind. Focus particularly on the turning point.

  2. Read your paragraph aloud, noticing verbs and pronouns. Underline each verb and [bracket] each pronoun.

If your teacher or study group would like you to develop this exercise into a longer paragraph, please revise it double-spaced on a fresh piece of paper, a word processor, or a class bulletin board.

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