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chapter 14 Spelling

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Pretest
  2. Your Writing: Describing Several Objects, Implied Comparisons
  3. Changes Before an Added Ending
  4. Possessive Nouns
  5. Words that Sound Alike
  6. Spelling Chart
  7. Review and Practice Part 1 & Part 2
  8. Fun With Grammar: Mark Twain Solves Our Spelling Problems
  9. Return to Your Writing
  10. Mastery Test on Spelling

Usually when a word takes an added ending, the word's spelling is affected in predictable ways. The rules that explain such spellings are reliable and worth learning. For many words, however, English spelling can seem erratic. Don't despair. With practice, you can improve your spelling. As you correct the spelling errors in your papers (with the help of a dictionary or a spell-checker), keep track of those errors on a spelling chart. If you pay attention to the types of errors you make, you'll make fewer and fewer errors as time goes on.

Chapter 14 presents:

  • three rules about changes before added endings.
  • advice about creating the possessive forms of nouns.
  • help in using words that sound alike.
  • a spelling chart and strategy for mastering difficult words.

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