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14.2 Spelling: Your Writing

Think of something that many people own. For example: a television, a bathing suit, a refrigerator, an appetite. Make notes describing the one you own. Make notes describing the ones that two other people own. Write a chart giving at least four details for each. For instance:

Mine Brigette's Sascha's
always something to eatalways full, stuffedlots of cans and jars
an egg or twohard to find anythingsome empty bottles
leftoversthings rotting in backalmost nothing in veg. tray
pretty dirty vegetable trayvegetables neat, freshfreezer crammed
never completely full   four kinds of ice cream

  1. Organize your notes to form a paragraph comparing and contrasting the three columns of the chart.

  2. Read your paragraph to find any words which contain added endings such as: -s, -es, -'s, -s', -ed, -er, -ing . Underline those words.

If your teacher or study group would like you to develop this exercise into a longer comparison/contrast paragraph, revise it double-spaced on a fresh piece of paper, a word processor, or a class bulletin board.

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