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9.4 Run-on Sentences: Correcting Run-on Sentences

Application 5

Correct each run-on below by changing the word or words in bold to a verbal or a verbal phrase. You'll have to rewrite each sentence, since you'll be rearranging some of the words.

Example: Those firecrackers are frightening I don't think they should be part of the children's Fourth of July program.
I don't think those frightening firecrackers should be part of the children's Fourth of July program.


1. These phone bills are puzzling I won't pay them until you explain them.


2. Be careful of those snowmobiles they are racing.

3. You'll love this old recording it has been taped.


4. Mazie served us a platter of biscuits they had been steamed.


5. I don't want to ride on this trolley it's crowded.


6. The toads are sitting on the shoulders of the road in the rain they don't fear the cars.


7. I need to replace that blue sock it was lost in the washing machine.


8. Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard were taking enormous risks they faced each other for the ultimate fight of their careers.


9. It's fascinating to watch the CIA it's changing its strategy in Central America.


10. The Berlin Wall was erected overnight in August of 1961 it shows the human dimension of international policy.


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