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10.6 Final -ed: Passive Voice

Application 6

Change each of the following sentences from the active to the passive voice. Make sure that each new verb in the passive voice expresses the same time as the verb in the original sentence.
Example: The new treasurer budgets the funds for the class trip.
Funds for the class trip ______________ by the new treasurer.
are budgeted

1. In the chemistry lab, the assistants measure the powders. In the chemistry lab, the powders ____________ by the assistant.
2. Then for each group of students, the professor assigns a task. Then for each group of students, a task ____________ by the professor.
3. Students in pairs will complete the experiments. The experiments ____________ by students in pairs.
4. They will record their results in lab logs. Their results __________ in the lab logs.
5. The students have finished last month's big projects. Last month's big projects __________ by the students.
6. The assistants stored those powerful acids immediately. Those powerful acids __________ by the assistant immediately.
7. Everyone rinsed out test tubes carefully after that. Test tubes __________ carefully by everyone after that.
8. In a matter of seconds, one drop of that acid can damage a thick leather boot. In a matter of seconds, a thick leather boot __________ by one drop of acid.
9. The lab assistants passed a new rule. A new rule __________ by the lab assistant.
10. Now the whole department requires everyone to use safety goggles in the lab. Now everyone's use of safety goggles __________ by the whole department.

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