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10.7 Final -ed: Past Participles that Act as Modifiers

Application 8

The first sentence in each pair below contains a clause in the passive voice. The second part of each pair shows the place for the embedded verbal that comes from the passive voice verb. In the space provided, write the appropriate past participle.

1. The tree, which was brightly decorated, amazed the pedestrians. The brightly ____________ tree amazed the pedestrians.
2. They had never seen a tree that was so brilliantly finished. They had never seen such a brilliantly ____________ tree.
3. The mayor, who was pleased, smiled at the crowd. The ____________ mayor smiled at the crowd.
4. He studied their faces, which were delighted and dazzled. He studied their ____________ faces.
5. Then he threw away his speech that had been prepared. Then he threw away his ____________ speech.

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