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13.6 Pronouns: Making Pronouns and Antecedents Agree

Application 11

The sentences below are incorrect because the plural pronouns don't agree with their singular antecedents (in bold). This time, make the antecedents plural to agree with the plural pronouns. In the space after each sentence, write the plural form of the antecedent. Skip a couple of spaces and copy the plural pronoun from the sentence.

Example: If a person can find time to be alone, they may observe details more intently than when they are among friends.
people    they

1. Don't ever try to tell an adolescent how they could have handled a problem better.

2. Why destroy one of the few places a young person can go to get the help they need?
3. A news announcer must be able to adjust their program when something special happens at the last minute.
4. No doctor can ever be sure that the pills they prescribe will be the right ones.
5. When the parent must decide on a day-care center, they usually consider the cost first of all.
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