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13.6 Pronouns: Making Pronouns and Antecedents Agree

Application 9

The sentences below are incorrect because the plural pronouns (in bold) don't agree with their singular antecedents. In the space after each sentence, write the singular antecedent. Skip a couple of spaces and then write the singular pronoun that agrees with the antecedent.

Example: That firm has kept every promise they made to the local environmental protection group.
firm    it

1. The working woman may not be any more independent than their neighbors who stay at home with the kids.

2. The administration keeps forgetting what they promised last fall.
3. The human race is rushing to destroy themselves in this struggle for nuclear superiority.
4. No boy ever had to leave that camp because their parents couldn't afford the fee.
5. The average childless woman has more resources today than they had ten years ago.
6. A professional baseball player who asks for a greater salary nowadays doesn't know what they are getting into.
7. An olympic wrestler left their bronze medal on the bus.
8. Recently divorced, every man in the room told their troubles to the psychiatrist.
9. No First Lady did as much for their country as Jacqueline Kennedy.
10. You couldn't tell it by looking, but every woman here has already earned their first million dollars.
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