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13.2 Pronouns: Your Writing

Try to picture a perfect world. What kind of food, clothing, shelter, and medical care would people have? What would families, schools and homes, be like? How would people handle birth, mating, old age, and death? What would people do for work or leisure? Freewrite or cluster about your image of a perfect society

  1. Organize your ideas into a paragraph. Use the words everybody and nobody at least twice each, underlining them as you go.
  2. Look over your paragraph. If you have used any of the following words, please underline them.
she, herit, its
he, him, histhey, them, their

If your teacher or study group would like you to develop this exercise into a longer speculative paragraph, please revise it double-spaced on a fresh piece of paper, a word processor, or a class bulletin board.

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