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12.6 Modifying Phrases or Clauses Between Subject And Verb

Application 6

In the space provided after each sentence, type in the simple subject and then write the verb asked for in the tense called for in each section.

Simple present (one-word verb)

1. The mailboxes for our building __________ (to be) hard to reach.
2. The mailbox for the apartments on the third floor __________ (to be) hard to reach.
3. Sometimes that librarian with the glasses __________ (to remind) me of my father.
4. Sometimes the librarians in the research room __________ (to remind) me of my family.

Present perfect (combine has or have with the past participle form of the main verb.)

5. You'd better not go because the fire marshal under the new team of supervisors __________ (to issue) a warning.

6. You'd better not go because the fire marshalls from the North End __________ (to issue) a warning.
7. Don's two partners __________ (to leave) town.
8. Don, along with his two partners, __________ (to leave) town.
9 Don, along with his two partners and their families, __________ (to leave) town.

Present progressive (combine is or are with the -ing form of the main verb)

10. The phones for our office __________ (to ring) all the time.

11. The phone for the file clerks __________ (to ring) all the time.
12. The students around the corner __________ (to tease) us about the thinness of the walls.
13. The student in the rooms behind ours us __________ (to tease) us about the thinness of the walls.
14. Today the final report on the negotiations __________ (to go) to the board.
15. Today the final reports on the negotiation with the union __________ (to go) to the board.

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