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chapter 17 From Personal to Public Writing

Inside This Chapter

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  1. Your Writing: Personal Writing Review
  2. Subjective and Objective Poles
  3. A Summary and Personal Response
  4. Reports for Different Audiences and Purposes
  5. A Definition from Experience
  6. A Controversial Stand
  7. An Argument Citing Authority
  8. Fun with Writing
  9. Return to Your Writing

The best way to learn to write is to spend time every day with written words, reading things that you enjoy and writing about whatever interests you. Sometimes you may write about your personal experience and opinions, and at other times you may report on facts or ideas that are shared by a wider public. Eventually you will develop your own approach to each writing challenge, and will recognize opportunities for using different modes of writing: subjective and objective, informal and formal, professional and academic. This chapter examines the balance between personal and public modes of expression and guides you through five assignments that move toward emphasis on writing for a wider public:

  • A summary and personal response
  • Reports for different purposes and audiences
  • A definition from experience
  • A controversial stand
  • An argument citing authority

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