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17.8 From Personal to Public Writing: Fun With Grammar

Original ending to Tlingit tale
The foot appeared, and the giant crouched to get into the cave. That gave the man time to thrust the knife deep into the huge heel. The giant howled and tumbled over. On the ground, he hissed out a dying curse: "You can kill me, but you can't stop me from drinking human blood. I will drink your blood forever."

The man laughed. He knew how to keep the giant from bothering anyone again. He built up the fire and carefully burned the giant's body. Then he took the ashes to the top of a hill and threw them into the wind. But every ash that the wind touched turned into a mosquito. The mosquitoes gathered in a swarm which hummed loudly around the man. From the hum rose the giant's voice, saying: "I'll sip your blood until the end of time."

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