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16.4 Techniques for Writing: Giving Examples and Explanations

Exercise A: Support each statement below with examples and explanations, adding one more item to each column.

Statement: Fruit is good for you

Examples of good fruit Explanations with further information
a. apples a. contain roughage which helps to clean digestive system

Statement: People who live together fight sometimes.
Examples of things
they fight over
Explanations with specific details
a. money a. My roommate and I can't agree about how to divide the heating bill. She uses more than half our heat by sleeping with the windows open.

Statement: Reading enriches your life.
Examples of ways this works Explanations with stories
a. by broadening your range of experience a. Rita has never met an Indian, and until last summer, she'd never been out of Ohio. But last spring she read Black Elk Speaks and began to see that Black Elk's visions could help her understand her own life better. When she traveled across South Dakota last summer. . . .

Answers for the above exercise may vary. Please compare yours with those of other students. Your teacher may ask you to print out this exercise for class discussion.

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