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16.6 Techniques for Writing: Making Paragraph Breaks

In an essay, each paragraph contains a group of sentences that discuss one limited topic. Paragraph breaks show readers where new limited topics begin. When introducing a new point in an essay, a writer indents a few spaces at the left margin of the page or skips a line. The patch of white space gives readers a chance to stop and think about the last limited topic before starting in on the next one.

Exercise A

Some kinds of writing work best in long paragraphs, and others move through many short paragraphs. Newspaper reporters usually write in very short paragraphs. In addition, their examples and explanations are not always tightly tied in related clusters. This style of writing is addressed to readers who are skimming and looking for the main points in the first few inches of print, so reporters don't develop each idea fully in clear sequence. Information in newspaper articles sometimes has to be reorganized to make a standard essay.

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