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Although plural nouns in English usually end in an added -s, the words that modify them do not add -s.
  • The little boys think that they are special. (Little and special modify boys.)
  • They want their busy mothers to buy them new toys every week. (Busy modifies mothers; new modifies toys.)
The sentences above show that there is usually no plural form for modifiers in English. The exceptions are the modifiers this and that, which have plural forms:
this these;
that those:
  • This little boy thinks that he is special These little boys think that they are special.
  • He wants that toy. He wants those toys.
Be especially careful to choose correctly between the singular this and the plural these. They are pronounced very differently. Get a native English-speaker to help you hear the difference between these forms, so that you will have an easier time showing that difference in your writing.

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