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Navigating Sentence Sense

Navigating through Sentence Sense is a fairly easy and intuitive process. If you're lost, you probably won't be lost for long. A few moments spent in practice clicking on the various navigation buttons within any chapter will be enough to familiarize you with the way that chapter parts are interconnected.

Top Navigation Bar
At the top of each window, you will find a navigation bar that contains, to the left, a "home-button" for the main Table of Contents page and a series of four sideways numbers that, when clicked on, will take you to the table of contents for each of the four major parts of the text. Of those four numbers, one will be somewhat darker than the other three, indicating you are currently within that part of the book. NavigationOnce you enter the chapters of Parts 1, 2, and 3, a horizontal list of chapter numbers will appear under the sideways number. Clicking on one of those smaller numbers will take you to the first page of that chapter. The chapter you are currently in will be labeled and highlighted in purple. Each chapter's first page includes a hyperlinked table of contents for that chapter.

Applications and Tests
Hyperlinks to the applications and various tests appear at the end of text sections and sometimes within a section of text. Clicking on the pencil or the application name will open that application.

Other Navigation Devices
At the end of each chapter section or application, you will find a "home button" that will take you back to the main table of contents, a "chapter button" that will return you to the first page of the chapter you are studying, and a drop-down menu in which you can highlight the name of a chapter section. To use the drop-down menu, scroll to the title of the chapter section you want to open and just highlight that title. The drop-down menu will list all the parts of the chapter including the Pretest (if there is one), the review and practice section(s), the "Fun with Grammar" pages, and the Mastery Test. The top line of a drop-down menu is a link to the chapter's front page and table of contents.

"Previous" and "Next" buttons will also appear at the end of each application (and on some other pages). The "previous" button will return you either to the beginning of the section which led up to that application or to the application preceding the one you just took. The "next" button will take you either to the next application (if immediately consecutive applications are offered) or precisely to the section of the text you should study next.

By using the hyperlinks to the applications consecutively and the "next" buttons, you can work your way through an entire chapter (up to the "Fun with Grammar" pages and the Mastery Test) and not miss a thing.

Changeable Frames
In a handful of applications and text sections, a double frame will be provided with information in the bottom frame that is more or less hidden until you are asked to reveal it. You could just scroll through the text of that bottom frame, but it would be much easier to read if you made the bottom frame larger. (One example of a double frame is in Chapter 16, Section 6, Exercise B.) Do this by placing the mouse-cursor over the horizontal border separating the two frames until you see a double-pointed arrow such as the one below.

Hold down the mouse-button while this double-arrow is visible, and by rolling the mouse you will be able to push up the frame border so that more of the bottom frame is readable.

Links to Charts, Other Internet Resources
Sometimes you will find hyperlinks within the text that will offer printable charts, tables, and other resources. You can click on those hyperlinks and return to the page you're currently reading by using the browser's "back" button. You will also come across "Check This Out!" links that will take you to other writing resources on the World Wide Web. Again, return to the page you were on in Sentence Sense by using the browser's "back" button.

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