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The Four Forms of Regular Verbs

Name of verb Base form Past form Present participle Past participle
to watchI can watch.
I watch.
I watched. I am watching.I have watched.
to waitI can wait.
I wait.
I waited. I am waiting. I have waited.
to tryI can try.
I try.
I tried. I am trying. I have tried.
to laughI can laugh.
I laugh.
I laughed. I am laughing. I have laughed.
to yellI can yell.
I yell.
I . I am yelling. I have .
to danceI can .
I dance .
I danced. I am . I have danced.
to winkI can wink.
I .
I winked. I am . I have .
to stopI can .
I .
I . I am . I have .

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